Sweepers Bridal Leaf Detailed Video Description

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Dear ladies today I'm publishing the swollen braids for you making the broom of the sweepers bride .

For example, you can dress up as a dowry for this bride-to-be or a bride-to-be to wear it yourself

The production of this model is very easy and fast breeder Şerife lady described both the detailed video and the written description.

Our bride is about 40-42 bodies. It is knitted with a medium thickness rope and a number 3 skewer. The model is knitted with 17 stitches and there are 4 stitches. It is calculated as 21 loops and folds in total. The front of the jaw will start with 4 stitches for 84 stitches + 10 stitches for the tire and 95 stitches with the edge stitches. The rear part will start with 145 stitches, along with 7 stitches. Since the model is a model that does not want the tire, the model is being set up immediately. You will not put the tires in your knitwear with a number of thick bottles or double bottle loops. Cut a loop next to a straight thread with a loop next to a thread on a side thread with a thread next to two opposite straight threads Cut two with a thread next to the opposite straight thread Thread with two opposite thread on the opposite side of the flat thread Two reverse and last straight threads knit a loop, Cut a loop in the front row with a loop next to a straight lozenge with a loop next to a straight lozenge next to a reverse lozenge in a row next to a reverse lozenge, and then proceed to form an inverted and end loose flat loom. Thereafter, without cutting, a loop 9 is formed in a straight, inverted form, e.g. When the increase order is 5, the model ends when the sixth increase is made. For example, a circle may be cut with flat loops alongside

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The Broom of the Bride's Bride Detailed Video Description [

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