How to Apply Sunscreen Without Ruining Makeup

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It’s commonly understood that the more we enjoy something, the more likely we are to actually do it. Make something difficult, and it’s simply a sliding scale into never gonna happen territory. Whether that’s stacking the dishwasher (instead of heading straight to the sink), or topping up our SPF, the easier the process, the more likely it will actually get done.

Besides retinol, SPF is the only other clinically proven way to keep yourself looking younger, longer. So, if you’re serious about skincare, there’s no point in packing on serums, or investigating the benefits of squalene, if you haven’t got your sunscreen routine locked down. In this instance, practicing consistency really is key. However we get it, sunscreen can be a difficult beast, and you practically deserve a medal if you’ve managed to get yours to play nice with makeup, because the idea of topping up your SPF during the day can be unappealing on the whole.

But before you run away (and toss this in the too hard basket), we promise there’s an easy enough solution. In fact, we’ve actually found five easy ways you can (re)apply your sunscreen during the day, without risking the rest of your face. So whether you adopt one of these ideas, or all of them (is multi-SPFing a thing?), we’ve found a solution to the sunscreen over makeup problem.

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