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We are making a wonderful flower that you can use in many places of wool. Handmade brooch models buckle models can be used in various ornaments. We will prepare all the steps of the model with the flowers made from wool beetles with pictures. You can do a lot of work with wool felt . Bouquets, handbags, flowers … More work that does not come to my mind. We had a lot of sharing with you before we worked a few times. For example, we talked about making a wool-winged daisy . You can still use it in many places from these chamomiles. You can make wool felts on fabrics, towels on embroidery. How to make wool felt embroidery We have made video sharing. Interested people, nice work for those who are curious. For more work, just visit our site. Now you can also use the woolen flower making in bag models. Handmade bag models for 3D is a very beautiful flower. For embroidery you can use it to decorate knit hat models, for blankets ornaments. I will come to the flower making of the wool collar.

How to Make a Flower from Woolen Goat?

A work in moderate difficulty. You can finish such work in average 2 days. Maybe a little difficult for the first time. But it's a pleasant work. You will want to make new flowers when you see the end result when the flower making of wool beetle is over.


  • Wool felts
  • Brooch pin
  • Water, soap
  • Cool nylon
  • Cutter
  • Hot silicone gun
  • Seeds and wire for the middle part of the flower
  • Black yarn
  • You can also use the following to make it easier. Roll mat, piece of small plastic pipe (may be something like that)

When the brooch is over, it will be around 7 cm. We start by preparing the molds first. Let's prepare the diameters of 10, 5 cm – 9.5 cm and 8 cm circles, leaf mold and flower mold. Then let's follow the steps in the picture. We soak wool felts with soapy water. You can use liquid baby soap. After wiping, we rub each circle with circular movements for about 2 minutes.

And the flower is ready. Was not it nice to you too?

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