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Reduces coughing, destroys stains on the skin. What are the benefits of today we will talk about them today. You need to consume plenty while in season. We had mentioned the quince kernel mask before. Now we will talk about other benefits of the month. Previously, we also found how to fix the brown stains on the hand for the brown stains on hand. Herbal, we prepare small beauties with recipes that can be tried. For cough, we mentioned the benefits of figs. We prepared an incurable cure as a natural antibiotic for sore throat and cough. Now we will cough with a recipe made from the moon and we will get rid of the brown stains on hand . In this recipe we should have seen how the quince should be consumed in a small recipe.

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Benefits of the Month

Reduces coughing, destroys stains on the skin. Since there is a higher probability of illness in cold weather, each station should be fortified with foods that strengthen the immunity. Some kind of fruity lays down. Rich in A, B, C vitamins and potassium, quince is the heal of many diseases such as cancer, intestinal problems, cough. Quince is very rich in terms of vitamins and minerals. 100 gr quince meals 25% of daily vitamin C. Quince strengthens immunity, balances cholesterol. It is very beneficial for being deeply healthy and looking good. When you drink quince water and tea, the stains on the bottom are diminished and make the person look younger. 80% of water intake is low. 100 gr quince is the 55 calorie. It helps to weaken the fibers in the pile. Digestive diseases, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain in the quince is quite useful. The substances in it balance blood pressure. And protect the kidneys. Quince tea and water jelly, is the best medicine in the mouth.

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