Wavy mountains weave pattern baby mare example

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We shared the numbers of the wandering mountain baby doll. We have shared the details of the loop of the robes, arms and gold in this article in detail.

If you want to make a vest, we are with a vest we give the name of the mountains. One of the most beautiful vests of Elaydi_knitting page. This example is for 1.5-year-olds, which is shared on the pictures of the loop numbers. If you are going to do it for young children and older you can throw more or less staple numbers.

Age / 1 1/2 years old made for roba .. naked luxury naked. Blow up number three.

Now I have 90 stitches, 5 rows of harsoza (I open the button drill in the 4th row harsoza)
Let's go to the first row: 8 edges harsoza, 1 dolla, 2 flat, 1 dolla,
3, 5 rows of flat courses
6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 rows of harso
The eleven rows of 1 dolla, 3 flat, 1 dolla, 3 flat ,
12, 14 in reverse order
13, 15 in the straight line
16,17,18,19,20 during the training of harosa, this figure will increase 2 more times en the end of 5 rows of harso and the end of the roba'rem finish … 41 fronts 64 arms 75 back .. Total 285 stile ..

The crowd is over our vault.

Everyone happy days. The race was over, but I took the buttons and sewed it.

Do you want a more stylish, more beautiful, easier model? Then look at the models we shared on baby boots . Do not raise your baby vest in your eyes. There are very easy and simple models. Do not think that I do not know how to knit. If you look at video narratives, examples are easily explained even if you do not know how to weave.

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