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Crocodile writing models There is a very nice play with flowers. You can also use it for kitchen towels, or in different places edge edging models . The construction of Oyan is done from beginning to end in Turkish language. You can easily enjoy the area you want to follow by following the video. We said you could use it as an edge. When you sew yourself a dress, or if you want to defeat your dress, you can cut it to the collar, arms, skirts. You can make corsets with crochet hooks . You can click on the scarf stitch edge. We can duplicate the samples in this way. You can do for kitchen towel edges . A nice model of lace towel edge samples. Especially the flower is very beautiful. You can use the Croc embroidery butterfly model in your towels or other border embroidery models. needle-drawing models that come up with new models every day that have never been fashioned,

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<h2> Writing Examples New </h2>
<p> It's a beautiful flower with flowers. There would be blue tiny tiny flowers on our springs. When I first looked at them, they reminded me of them. I think it would be very nice if done with blue tones. It will be beautiful with every tone because it is very nice model. From the beginning, it is told on the video with all the details. It is a great model for those who are looking for new samples in crochet writing models. They look like a family with a little flower next to them. Now let's go to the stages of making this elegant sculpture. Good looking. </p>
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