Two Colored Pseudo Rice Example Construction

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The construction of a two-color pseudo brass knit pattern used on baby braids and especially on baby blankets.

We share a model for those who want to make cute baby sashes. A knit that looks very good especially on baby blankets. I'm talking about the construction of a two-color false rice sample that you can use on both sides. With the brass knit vest we published a mane made of plain brass knit. The brass braid we are sharing now is a two-color pseudo brass knit pattern.

False Brass Knitting Pattern

False Brass Knitting Pattern [width="650"height="521"class="size-fullwp-image-12895"

It is very searched for knitting in babies, it is difficult to find a model to use which knitting model, which one is more suitable, and there are some who can not decide which knitting pattern to go for. We write that the handwriting that we share in handbill sites will be more beautiful than where it is used especially when we say that it will be more stylish if it is used in baby or female or in vests or so it is best to have a weave pattern like this at the beginning of this writing .

The pseudo-brass sample was removed from 30 +1 31 stitches. In the narration, 12 +1 is taken out of 13 stitches. The ones used are the snowball AKSOFT. The novice ladies who want to learn a very short video model will learn this video. Just a short video of 5 minutes. Do not be fooled if it is short, all the details that have been shown are shown. I hope you will like the pattern of the brass knitting that you can choose when weaving knit in the mornings.

Construction of Pseudo Rice Example

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