Two Colored Papatils Boy Boy Knitting Model Expression

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two-colored daisies boy's knitting pattern [13] "width =" 500 "height =" 300 " and I wanted to show you this easy model as well.

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The model is knitted in two colors as harosa. In such models, one of the colors must be absolutely white. If the color thread is a little darker, the model looks much nicer. With a row of white colors, we make all the loops straight from the front and back. Then we knit 8 loops flat with colored thread and skip two loops. On the back we always knit loops that skip over the front. Then white weave all the loops straight and finish the order. In the end of the color ipe we skip the two loops on both sides of the loops we had skipped earlier. When we finish painting the last color, we skip the first two hippies we have skipped. We continue to weave these flowers all the time. Do not forget to search and share the models of knitted sleeping bags for you.  two colored daisies boy knitting model (9) "width =" 439 "height =" 500 "/> <img class=

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