Two Color Baklava Male Lattice Model Video Recipe

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 What is the continuation of the male knitting models </em> </strong> and the male knitting patterns of the two color baklava (8) "width =" 434 "height =" 500 " <strong> <em> I'm making two-color baklava model </em> </strong> The model is working with two colors, so choose a darker color with white color in such models The darker the color, the darker the color, </p>
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The model consists of 20 stitches and layers. The number of stitches remaining in the diamond pattern will start with 13 starting segments and 7 segments. Initially, a row of white is made as plain. The next step is to go through the color ipe of a stitch flat knit a stitch knit skirt 23 stitches are knitted and then 7 stitches are knitted. This way the sequence is completed. Skip the loops on the back without laying the loops straight and without the loops. Continue this process until you have 2 rows of 7 threaded harosa parts. Then we start to open the slice. We will lower the loose stitches in the middle to 9 stitches and lower the stitches to 5 stitches and place two stitches. The edge of the slice, which is one in the first row, will go to 2 in the next row. For a casual and easy model you can check out the construction of the bored lady's mare . Width = "500" height = "300" />  two-color baklava male knit pattern (3) "width =" 500 "height =" 300 " <img class=

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