Turkey Hairdresser Vest Model

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An unusual tire pattern .

You can make your braids more flashy by applying the turkey feather vest tire model to the skirts, the tip

Extremely a flashy model. Especially bridal vest is a nice model you can apply. You can even make a great bride-mover by simply applying the turkey feather tire model to the whole ape instead of applying it to the tip of the skirt. If Angora is made with wool, the sample will show itself better. You can even make a brilliant turkey feather vest if you use a simulated rope. Apart from knitting vest using the same knitting technique, you can also make clothes for children, especially for young girls. We understand the example better, and we share it as a video to leave room for the question that confuses your head.

If you are going to make a turkey feather vest tire model

How to Build a Turkey Fashion Voodoo Tire Model

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