Tunisian Workbench Boat Construction

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Today we will share with you how the Tunisian work boots are made. The Tunisian business, which is very nice to wear on the leg, is mod. On the other hand, it is adorned with flowers.

Do you have a lot of feet in the winter? For this you can do Easy Knit Home Bottle which you can use at home. We will share the production of knitting boots which are slightly different. With the bot model made with Tunisian work knitting technique shared in the whole mother channel, you can learn the house boat to yourself.

Especially in the winter, the interest in the curb grows more. Because of the long days in winter, people get tired of sitting down. For those who want to be busy with other things instead of watching TV at home, we recommend knitting. You can make a lot of clothes in winter and you will not be bored. All the boots we shared as far as the boot patched the models. I think that you will be treated the same with the Tunisian business model. All the details of the bot bootie model that was shared in the mother channel are given below. If you want to knit a different Tunisian work knit booty you can learn from the bot model. Let's now look at the construction of Tunisian work knitting boots.

Tunisian business is in the making of knitted boots.

Tunisian Work Knitting Bot "width =" 650 "height =" 492 "wpfc-data- Nako Diamond rope is used, if you do not have a rope, a normal boot rope is also used, a Tunisian corkscrew No. 3. This knit pattern is very different from the previously constructed Tunisian business patrick models we start with a chain pulling a knot.We then go back with one stitch out of each one.We start from the nose before making it.Afterwards we come to the first one with the second one and then the second one with 2 sherds2

Tunisian Job Knitting Boat Making Video Lecture

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