Tethered Knitting Patterned Recipe

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The contextual rubber knitting model I mentioned earlier on requests from my beloved ladies

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The model is used as the main model of both tire and the model.

The braid will start from a straight upside down and will be woven from the back side. When it comes to the front face, it forms three flat stitches, one flat and one flat. Then pass the other bottle of three loaves by taking the rope to the front. Then take the rope from the front and put it back to the right and take the three threads back to the right. Put a 4 in one reverse as a straight upside down on a flat one, and pass it to the front of the rope. Then pass the three bottles left over to the back of the rope. Then take the right bottle of three loaves again and continue to knit. Tie the loops in the back and tie them in the front by changing the position of the loops.  model of the rubber lattice (6) "width =" 472 "height =" 300 "/> <img class=

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