Tenue De Soirée by Annick Goutal

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Paris at night is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tenue de Soirée by Annick Goutal  is composed based on a snapshot of City of Light at night.

The opening of Tenue De Soirée (which translates to Evening Dress) is a lighthearted dance that one might engage in after their third glass of champagne on a beautifully starry night.   This is not something common in traditional chypre fragrances that can seem a bit self-important and stuffy.  Tenue De Soirée gets its playfulness from the addition of peach notes to chypre elements of citrus, patchouli and musk.  The iris heart of the fragrance stops short of being too powdery but it retains its warmth — though it isn’t forced on you.

Tenue De Soirée by Annick Goutal

The Iris heart of the perfume not only lends to the fragrance’s unique aroma but it’s the inspiration for the simple yet elegant design of bottle.  The deep purple pom pom adds to the whimsy of the fragrance.  The furry texture is reminiscent of powder puffs and ties it all back to the era in which the fragrance is rooted.

Perfumer, Mathieu Nardin, created a duality in Tenue De Soirée. It gives the wearer the option of wearing her evening dress with a moto jacket and combat boots or slipping on fur stole and elegant stilettos. While the fragrance starts off with sparkly freshness, as you make your way through the evening wearing Tenue De Soirée,  a woody earthiness  gradually rises offering comfort and easing you gently in to the night.

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