Strange Reactions That the Human Body Can Spend in Space – 180 Seconds

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Lately, there has been a lot of interest in space science all over the world, and a lot of news about this topic has also started to emerge. We have also compiled 17 strange reactions that a human body out of Earth's atmosphere will give you in space.

Your eyes worsen when you are back in the world
Astronauts who spend time in space say their views are getting worse when they return to Earth all the time. Research shows that eye problems are increasing due to pressure on the cornea in space. That's precisely why there are so many question marks on the journey to Mars.

You're faster!
If you want to get faster, go straight away! It may sound like a joke to you, but astronauts who have gone back to Earth and returned to Earth have proved to be faster as they work.

Radiation health touches more
It is dangerous to receive radiation in space, but as radiation from space gets much larger when it comes to Earth, it continues to work so that it does not cause lethal problems,

Your fingernails may fall
Twenty-two astronauts returning to the Earth and returning to Earth expressed their fingernails because of the gloves they wore.

Inner ear sensitivity can occur
Sensitive tones in the inner ear help to stabilize the crystals. Astronauts who go back to Earth and return to Earth have problems in their in-ear crystals, and it has been explained that they must fight vertigo

Your body fluids may become irregular
If you fly in space because there is no space in space, it causes confusion about your body fluids. For example, your blood can flow much faster.

Your heart may shrink
If you go away, your muscles will shrink and your heart will be affected from the same way as it is from the muscles. With the studies done, new methods are being tried to be developed for astronauts to avoid heart problems.

Your muscles may melt
Astronauts must exercise regularly while in space because human muscle and bone structure may deteriorate in a gravitational environment.

You are experiencing psychological problems
We see astronauts who pierce or hallucinate in many science fiction movies. These are movie scenes, but those who have gone too far have proven to have psychological problems.

If your space suit is torn, is death inevitable?
If you are wondering if the astronauts who were torn up in outer space, as in movies, were dead at the moment, you might want to know that NASA confirms this. NASA space suit expresses that the torn astronaut will die in 15 seconds.

What causes zero gravity
Zero gravity actually distorts the entire balance of the human body. Scientists are pushing them into gravity-free simulations on Earth to make astronauts accustomed to gravity.

Studies on Gemini have enabled us to learn more about the spacecraft of the human body
Scott and Mark Kelly original guinea pigs were used in studies on astronauts' performance and safety on the street. Scientists who have developed working methods according to the responses of these guinea pigs have come up with many different results.

Can black holes divide human bodies into atoms?
If you are wondering about the black holes that you see in movies, it is possible to say that black holes are theoretically thought to contain both the past and the future. However, it is estimated that someone entering the black hole will die instantly.

The sense of humor can save you
If you ask anyone in NASA, the problem is that someone who is going to go on a long road should have a high sense of humor. Because individual emotional stresses with a high sense of humor can tolerate better.

In astronauts' surveys, the biggest problem is the longing for the Earth.

You can get superstition
As a result of surveys, astronauts going astronomically were found superstitious belief they had never believed before.

Most important is security
For an astronaut going away, the most important thing is safety. He can get rid of his death thanks to the training he has received to stay safe. NASA is working to make astronauts safer with their space emergency help guide.

Well, what do you think now? Do you want to go far or is the world enough?


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