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Finishing a year and entering the other is exciting about new beginnings and new hopes for humanity. New Year's Day is worth celebrating and celebrating just for this reason. Also, enthusiasm and joy are contagious, and this does not want Christmas time anyway. Let's catch it from the top and say that we are going to share this excitement by enlarging and changing our sponsored gift-giving activity that we organize every week in Instagram. This time we have 20 active sponsors, so 20 gifts. We are waiting for you: We will store a sentence in capital letters in our site's "New Year's Eve" section in the "Special Days" category. This sentence will be related to this activity, so you will understand it if you see it. (Tip: At the end of the year 2018 will write.) Those who find this sentence, info@10marifet.org will notify by e-mail. You should write both the sentence and what kind of Instagram account you own. Our clemesis will change every day, so we will wait for you to write that day's sentence.

We will hear the winners of this event on the 2nd of January and win the lottery. Let's start playing!

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