Sliding Boxes Two Color Knitting Model Construction

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how to make a two-color shift box weave model

shift boxed knitting pattern (5) "width =" 500 "height =" 300 "

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There is a loophole in the model 5 stitches.

The model is actually very easy, but if you do not understand the logic of construction, it can be very complicated. The first order is white, a row of horseshoes. Then skip a five-stitch loose-knit plain knit stitch. On the back side, knit five threads in the same way and knit again with a knitting thread again. Then go back to the white thread and lay the other loops straight without skipping the first and third threads of the 5 threads. The stitches on the back of the model will be woven straight, while the skipped loops will be skipped again. Then go back to the color ips and jump 5 loops flat by counting towards the top of the loops we have jumped in a lower row. The scroll box weave pattern (2) "The width of the box weave pattern is very suitable with the embossed small waves "width =" 500 "height =" 300 "/>  The shift box weave pattern (3)

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