Side Sided Carnations Shish Knitting Model Description

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[194590006] The model of the carnations skewer knitted side by side (4) "width =" 454 "height =" 298 "/> my dear ladies say you are welcome to a Sunday morning page and immediately

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Any type of baby pattern can be used in the construction of blankets and ladies' knits.

Once you have calculated 4 stitches and their folds, you should add edge stitches in two pods. I made the color of the part white, I made the color part. First we cover all the loops with the white color and the reverse side of the 4 rows front with the flat back. Then we knit the loops flat by passing through the colored ipe on the front face. On the back side, we make all the loops straight and we create a row of horns on the front. When we get to the front face, we take the edge thread without knitting and sink a loop between the fourth and fifth thread. Then we knit one stitch and take out a new stitch for the second time from the same place. Then we make one more stitch and a new one. In this way, when you take out one new stitch, you cling to yourself in a pile. In the back row we cut the loops increasingly by knitting the loops two by two. You can get here to look at the construction of a handmade side buttoned male mare .  side-lined carnation skewer knitting model (5) "width =" 500 "height =" 300 "/> <img class=

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