Shishi Workroom Salon Team Lacework Shifresi

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We share the password of the lacemaking of the hall set made with the bottle. You can make lounge suits by looking at the password for the lacework lace.

Zekiye Gençyiğit Cihaner We will share with you the secret of a wonderful lace example of our friend. Our friend just shared his password about how it was done. Those who can decrypt by credit are able to do so by looking at the following code

A lace suit with a total of 5 bottles was made for the halls. 50 number lace rope is used. For lovers of skewer lace, we can make room sets for rattan dowry. For the first time I see a lace that is woven with 5 bottles. I saw it, but I liked it very much. I think all the tricks performed by this lady on this lace.

If you can extract the lace from the code, the code we share will be useful. But if you can not remove the lace from the author, you will first have to find out. If I say I can not do this lace and want to buy it, you can reach it through the Facebook lady account. Or if you know how to make lace in your circle, you can make this lounge suit lace if you show the code.

Lounge Team Lace Construction Cipher

 5 bottles of loungewear 

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