Shishi Business Love Stitches Shawls and Vest Patterns

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Again, we are very beautiful and very demanding we are in love with the flower weave pattern. This knitting model used for the construction of the shawls and vests made with pisces is in Turkish language.

Ladies firstly welcome my site. Are you getting less of these interim comments? Do not you like our models? We are trying to find the most beautiful models for you. We also expect your valuable comments.

Do not forsake your comments about the expressive organizations we share.

We continue with knitting models used in shawls and vests. The pattern of love flowers shared in the group was very demanding. There were ladies asking what I could do with this knit. First let's say what you can do with the example of love flowers. Bridal vests and shawls can be woven. Apart from that, you can get vests, branches, and so on for yourself. In the maternal work channel, the motifs of these engravings have been shown. We will also learn how to do with the Turkish video we have added to my site.

If you want to make different vest models if you want to make the most beautiful vest, check out the vest we have published. You can reach dozens of models from vest models made with pouches to vest models made with crochet.

Sevgi Çiçeği Örgü Modeli

The angora woolen wool as the material is made of wool rope and neck with 3.5 pcs Do not knit with very thin pimples Motifs with thin pimples do not show themselves If you take a look at pimp and pimp you will find superb stitching and you can see very beautiful bridesmaids and bridesmaids

Example 10 is set in multiples. We have a row of flat knittings after we take the stitches. The lady of love on the video told all the details of the occasion. The video is below and a short video in Turkish is explained.

Lattice Design of Love Flowers

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