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 Service of gifts to order

Interesting service for individual gifts in Moscow – . The head of choice does not hurt at all – before the order you fill out a questionnaire about who the gift is for: age, gender, hobby, preferences, etc. You can give a link to the social network gifted – there everyone will learn and pick up gifts in accordance with the person.
I ordered gifts for:
Girls of 17 years
Goes in for sports and dances
He loves music
Likes to cook
Loves coffee
Many draws

And that's what they sent in the order:

To start – about the box, beautifully crafted packed, with sealing wax and business card:

 Gift Service gifts on request

Our set:

Our set:

Our collection:

Inside the densely lie gifts, covered with shavings:


<p> <img src=

It contains items for creativity, cooking, sports, unusual coloring for adults, board game for all ages (New Dreadful version of Danetok), natural ground coffee, chewing gum in the bank as vitamins for improving mood and two kinds of chocolate.
Some subjects are worthy of a separate story.

For example, a cunning sports bottle for water. The volume of 600 ml, it will help to drink on the day 2400, as some sources recommend.

For this purpose, a filling counter is built into the bottle cap – reminding that on the day it should be filled (and drunk, respectively) 4 times. The lid is very reliable, absolutely hermetic.

The ironic meditative calming coloring of the A5 format with quotes for those who are enraged:

Stylish measuring cups for cooking, assembled in one sushi roll for compact storage.

They are applied not only in grams, but also in cups – 1/2 cups, 1/4 and 1/3.

Convenient for those who cook recipes and blogs according to American books

Chocolate, consisting of several small chocolates with citations of philosophers about friendship:

Coffee with banana flavor in chocolate. It does not have an unpleasant aftertaste of flavors, which is rare.

 Coffee with banana taste in chocolate.

Coffee really tasty :). And since the girl is more often on a diet, he will also make up for her the desire for chocolate and sweets.

In general, I liked the experience: in the type for which ordered, the gift is completely packed.
Delivered on the next business day, yesterday, before the holiday.
The cost is 2990 rubles. On the site there are several variants of "surprises" boxes, different in volume and cost, from 1500 to 5000.
You can order yourself and your beloved:).
I recommend you try it on February 23 and March 8:)
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