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Turkish counterpart construction of hidden roads shawl model . But known name secret paths shawl construction . We will give you the scheme in a staggered way. A very stylish shawl. You can die for dowry. You can learn for yourself. You will not be able to use it in your knit. We will give you the scheme in a staggered way. When you look at the model it may seem difficult and confusing, but you'll see it's easy. When you apply the shim, the shawl will already be finished and you will use it with pleasure. We will continue to investigate the different, different, latest shawl models and constructions . Shawl Models Those who enjoy knitting, lovers of knitting will begin immediately. Those with other weave patterns will be added to their list and they will use this model for the next weave project. One of the new shawl models made the dragon bird shawl model . The last year we shared the construction of the virus shawl model was highly appreciated and knit by everyone. Still weaving continues. The colors you use will be very important in braids. So are the characteristics of the isles. Every color, every rope does not match every example. The model angora yarns which are the example of Turkan Soray hedgehog crochet are very beautiful. Of course, if you have your favorite threads, you can use them too.

How to Make a Secret Pats Shawl Model

We will give you the shawl structure in a staggered way. You can continue by increasing the number of laps as desired according to the width you want. For example, 5 to 18 rounds were repeated twice in the sample, and 9 to 16 rounds were repeated one more time. These repetitions were repeated before the boundary diagram was made. cake ropes are used for these types of branches. Ebru yarns. And with this type of 3.5 mm crochet is used. After making the edge of the shawl, the upper edge is 44 cm sideways 27 cm and the spine part 16 cm. After the shawl is completely finished, the top edge 164, the edges 120, and the backbone 70 cm. Tassels are not included in this measure.

Now I can see the shackles. The hook-shaped strips are made from the front or from the rear by sinking.

 Secret Paths Shawl Production 1 "width =" 243 "height =" 300 "/> </a> </p>
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<p> <a href= secret path shawl free pattern

And when our shipment is over, it will look like this:







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