Real Thessaloniki Knitting Modeling

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The construction of the real selanik knitting model that Turkish women used the most. Those who do not know the Thessalonian knitting pattern can learn this short video.

One of the most used knitting techniques used by Turkish ladies is the selanik knitting model. You can make vests, wool, berets and booties with Thessalonica knitting. Because of its simplicity, the usage area of ​​the Thessalonica knitting model is rather high. The ladies using the Thessalonian knit pattern are doing cute hand work. Knitting is one of the knitting techniques that beginners must learn first. This is an example that comes out very much in the future.

We published a pictorial narrative model for those wondering how to make a knitting pattern in the Thessaloniki Knitting Model How? . We share video narration for those who do not understand the pictorial narrative. Here we share the real Thessaloniki knitting model, which is published on the Crochet Knitting Workshop channel. The easy-to-construct Thessaloniki model is described at 6 minutes.

By learning how to make the example of Thessaloniki, you can learn with this model in the following organizations. You can prepare yourselves and your children's braids.

Actual Thessaloniki Knitting Model

Actual Thessaloniki Knitting Model [width = "650" height = "367" ]

First of all you need to increase the number of loops, not double, we always start with an inverted example 1 We will reverse the thread again, but we will take the thread on top of it but we will not pull it. ]

True Thessaloniki Knitting Model Video Expression

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