Ponponlu Easy Baby Boat Making

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The construction of easy baby booties with pom-poms. In the minutes we share an example of how you can finish knitting a baby hat. You can finish this example briefly. After you finish, you can decorate with puffs.

Blue and white baby wool
Number three swollen

Pompom Easy Baby Patch Configuration:

We start from the bottom by throwing 35 stitches to the cheeky booties. Later,
we construct as 1 tooth harpoon, 1 increase, 16 tooth harpoon, 1 increase, 1 tooth harpoon, 1 increase, 16 tooth harpoon, 1 increase, 1 tooth harpoon. We do the augmentations from the front of the embellishment. We're making six incremental holes. The number of our lovers will be 59. We have 4 rows with white rope. Then we make the first order by folding the white cloth and by folding the white cloth on the one hand and we add it on the other hand. With Blue Rope we make 6 tooth harps and go 12 rows. In the middle we have 11 threads and 8 teeth. We are adding 11 threads by the two that we put together. We also subtract 16 stitches from the side parts. The loops remain 43. We have 43 rows of 12 rows of tire tires. We cut half of the loops you knit in 10 knots. Then we cover the other half. After we plant the pawn, we decorate it with the cheerleader.

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