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Here is a step-by-step description of the construction of a baby sweater with a knitted pattern. What about a sweater to keep the kids warm during the cold winter days?

The winter came, and the weather was cool. You need to wear tightly when you go out. Especially you need to wear the kids tightly. In these weathers they need to wear things that keep them warm and not sick. Knitwear can be made to keep children warm

You have made sweatshirts, sweaters, scarves, berets, and booties that you can wear outside and inside. Thus, children will be both warm and sick with these organizations. Your kids can even play snowballs with softballs. You will be able to experience snowball fun together with a pair of scarves and gloves to do them.

Come on now to make our sweater model. This sweater model, which is shared on the Elaydi_knitting page, is built with brass knitting technique. Plain weave, reverse weave, hosoya weave and double brass knitting techniques are techniques used. Those who know these knitting techniques can die sweaty.

Knit sweater counts for 2/3 years, 3.5 nr skewer, 2 roll baby one snowball, color nr. k633 .. come easy.

Brush Knitting Child Sweater Making

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