Pine Dali Fiber Modal Construction

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Made a fiber model of pine duck with crocodile fibers. You can make fibers, blankets and bed linen with a sample of knitted pine duck.

We share a new example of what we do not share in the category of fiber models . For example, you can call it a pine tree or a pine tree. The fiber model of pine dyes motif is shared upon request. You can also use this model for blankets and bedspreads outside the fiber.

Pine Dali Fiber Model

Pine Dali Fiber Model [width = "650" height = "366" class = "size-full wp-image-12906" ]

We usually have the same fiber models on all sides and it is very difficult to find new models, everyone shares the same models, we are trying to give new fibers to our site, but the ladies who see the same models are bored, If you like this model we can share the new fibers

The pine dyed fiber model is woven from the front. The composition consists of 3 colors. If you want, you can have 6 or 7 pine motifs. We take 100 chains with green rope. We will have 4 headers for the 4th string. There will be 5 handrails with the chain.

Pine Tree Fiber Modeling Video Lecture

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