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          Today there was a carnival in the kindergarten. Children were asked to bring a pancake. Well, like something neither this nor that. Yesterday, with the teachers, I spoke and said that I took care of everyone. In the morning I got up at 8 o'clock and while Dimulka slept, I quickly pressed on two frying pans. Yesterday my neighbor took a frying pan in a rental.
Today I'm telling her that your frying pan is not more profitable than mine much. I'm hoping to test my frying pan. Well, nothing sufficed.
They took 35 pancakes to the garden and bought them some more condensed milk. And the children and caretakers were satisfied. And only a few people brought a pancake. So we would sit looking at a few pancakes.

         Pancakes to the kindergarten.



         Pancakes in the kindergarten.



The third day in a row pancakes do. Every day we try different things



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