Now I’m blushing Thanks honey @Regrann from @_onyinyechukwuka – Dear @karibide…

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Now I’m blushing 😊
Thanks honey😘😘😘
@Regrann from @_onyinyechukwuka – Dear @karibidesigns
Thank you for making me look sooo elegantly chic to work yesterday.
You didn’t even take my current measurement yet you created this masterpiece for me. People escorted me with their eyes yesterday, like I literally felt eyes of humans stirring at me🤷🏿‍♀️to top it off this multicolored bird flew so close to me and said hey baby! and winked too😘 boy did I blush? ☺️😊 (I was like awww 🙁even the birds of the air felt my intense presence and approved of my hotness😁).
I just had to release my pix today so I don’t keep all these hotness to myself, that would have been a wicked thing to do😁.
Thank you @karibidesigns for this awesomeness😘😘😘#designerexraordinaire#karibitohbadt#wearkaribi#designer#dresser#stylisttothestars# – #regrann


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