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We use a needle-punching technique to make a very stylish ornament that you will use in your writing and your towels. We see needlework bowling ni and the addition to the writing with a beautiful ball. We are trying to prepare samples for your needlework production as a video. I want to learn pin needle models for those who follow . We use beads and scales when making needle rolls. We are publishing for those who want to find new beaded needles models and investigate them. We just said that needle rollers used bead scales. There is a pattern made by wrapping the beads. It's beautiful. Used for towels and writing. A model made by embracing the needle-shaped cherry model video sample bead Various apparatuses are also used while doing needle rolls . Like a pipette, like a fork, like a pen, like a fork. We use the fork as a hairpin. And we use in the model of needlework making . We will use a fork in the making of a needle-piercing bow.

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<h2> Needle Thread Bowl Construction </h2>
<p> <strong> A very stylish balloon made of needle-leashing saw, needle-punched fly wing and needle-piercing bow </strong>. From the beginning to the end, on the video. You can ask if there is any point you have. We use forks when we do bows. We wrap the rope around the fork 14 times and make the bows. Then we add to our writing or our towel. You can also use the bows in the scarf and rosary decorations. If you're ready, let's go to the needle-making bowling stages. Good looking. </p>
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