Natural Antibiotic in Throat Pain and Coughing

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Today's health status preparation of natural antibiotic for sore throat and cough. Quick healer for sore throat and cough We will prepare a mixture of plants that are good for sore throat . From time to time we prepare health information prepared by natural means. I wanted to share it when I found such good information. I have a lot of cough in my girlfriends. It does not pass. I will try it now. Do not use these methods without consulting your doctor even if you are using them with plants. You can take the fast path to healing by preparing herbal winter tea and natural antibiotics . Or you can take to protect yourself before the disease. In cold weather or when there is a hot cold, our hands crack our lips. In this case we can use special creams herbal mixtures for our hands. We can protect our lips by preparing lip care special lip masks . For more information on herbal herbs like this, just visit our site.

Throat Pain Cough

Foods useful for humans include foods such as milk, honey, figs, eggs and the like. We all know that each one contains vitamins necessary for humans. Do you know the incredible benefits of fig and sake? It is twice as beneficial to drink and keep the dried figs in the bowl with miraculous benefits to the incurable human health. I would recommend reading carefully. Let us now introduce to you the figurative flood of miraculous effects . The delicious food from the fig mixture is filled with rich vitamins. It is good for many diseases such as constipation, cough, sore throat.

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<p> <strong> How to use fig milk for constipation </strong> </p>
<li> Boil the milk in the fire. Add 3 or 4 dried figs into the boiling pod. Mix. Boil the milk with the fig for 5 more minutes. Take it from the oven and purge it. You can drink afterwards. You can mix this mixture twice a week. At least 1 month later you will say goodbye to the problem of constipation. </li>
<p> <strong> How to use fig milk for cough </strong> </p>
<p> Thanks to the vitamins found in figs soften brooches and eliminate cold problems from time to time. It is very useful in sputum cases such as bronchitis and cough. </p>
<li> Pour 2 dried figs into 2 water glass pillars (raw, will be boiled). Boil 20-30 minutes on the fire. Eat hot. You can consume this mixture twice a day depending on the condition of the disease. </li>
<p> <strong> How to use fig milk for sore throat </strong> </p>
<li> 2 – Keep 3 figs dried in hot water with 2 teaspoons honey. You can prepare this mixture twice a day and consume it like tea. It will be very good for sore throat. </li>
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