Nako Luxury Yorek with Minnoş

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Nako is a luxury two-and-a-half-month-old baby with a thin rope and a 3.5-inch skewer. We wrote the numbers of stitches used in making a cute or cute mane.

We will share the numbers of the baby pelvis, knit with Nako luxury tender rope shared on the page of orgulu_gungler_. The vest model in this article may be difficult for the novice. But the skewer job is easy for knitted people. Yellow The numbers of stitches are shown on the thumbnails of the yellow carpets reminiscent of tiny cogs.

Your baby will have this vest and yellow chick. The vest for the girls will be chirping with a luxurious warmth. The number of stitches is on each figure.

Nako Luxury Minnie Vest Composition

The back of the yelpe

Buddha seamless left front

And our vice.

There are many weaves used in baby vests. We have shared some of the hundreds of knitting techniques before. Since we do not have a chance to share all of them, we are gradually adding to the models. If you take a look at the category of baby boots for a while, you will not miss the narrative models we added.

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