Mouse Femal Neck Length Beret Construction

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The mouse neck model and the neck model made with the rat female model.png2.png4 "width =" 500 "height =" 300 "/>

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I am sharing a model with the berry construction

You will need a little thick rope 7 and 8 bottle. Start with 65 loops in the making of berries and start knitting with a number 7 blob as an inverted flat. Continue through bottle number 8 when the tire section is finished. It starts with 31 stitches in the cowhide and has two loops on the two sides. To make a model, you can look at the narrative of the great lady. You can find the most stylish male knitwear in my writing that I shared yesterday.  mouse female model neck and beret model.png3 "width =" 454 "height =" 440 "/> <img class=

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