Modeled Expression of Socks Made with Five Bottles

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Five-handed sock pattern made with the expression. Here are the video footage of the sock riding pattern made using 5 skins.

Patrick models We shared patty models with two bottles in the category. For the first time we will share the model with 5 bottles. The knitting socks model is also used in this example, 5 spits are used for the wrong hearing. Perhaps you have heard that there are so many bloomed patties. This sock model, in which the narration is shared as a knitting world, is an advantage because it is both long and thick. Because thick socks will keep your feet warmer. In this model, the thick booties are woven with the two-handed booty model .

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<p> If you have the intention of knitting a parachute in your mind, we recommend you to try a parachute knitted with five bottles, as you can see in the picture, the parachute model is like a machine stitch, so you can see the perfection of the handcraft by examining the patience, the ladies who know how to use 5 strokes, Watch the video carefully. </p>
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The patiks made in the past would have been bloody flowering. In the past, patties were more ornamented. Although their baby booties are adorned nowadays, they often use one color or two colors in their adult booties. Plain booty models are preferred. So the construction of the booties is getting easier. If the knitted ladies have developed a bit, they have nothing to lose. Everything from the vest to the dress can be made with knitting.

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5 swish socks

Now watch the video to learn the details of the 5-breasted bootie model, and if you have the free time, watch the video and learn how to make 5 skip patties.

Patty Model With Five Bits

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