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Merhabaaa! Thanks to my customers who have different designs, I have developed a product yelpazem  :) "class =" lazy lazy-hidden wp-smiley "style =" height: 1em; max-height: 1em; "/> </noscript> Here again I am with a difference. Elisa 's aunt likes the colorful balloon door ornament I had previously made as a balloon princess and she wanted me to apply it to Minnie. The bubble colors were changed to broken white, pink and fuschia. The Minnie and the packed Minnie were adapted to the concept. The balloons were filled in. According to the name, the figures can also increase. The ready plush Minnie Mouse is our aunt who wants to use a baby and it is very fit, you can think even smaller and you can also make the same Mickey model. The colors are all up to you. Writings in the balloons were written in a different font, not plain. You can also choose plain text. If you want to reach me, my address is Baby Design Products.</p>
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