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We made a great model for the summer. Mercerized vest . You can do it both as a sketch and as a video. You can have it for your young girls for yourself. We are preparing some of the most beautiful models of Vest models . Again with a model like that. Asymmetric knitting models Very stylish and easy to knit for ni lovers. If you know a little crochet knitting models, you can do it easily. Various knitting models We have many vest models for ni lovers. Round vest made with expressive model is a different and stylish model. You can use it on pants, skirts. Visit our site for easy knitted vest model making and other models.

How to Constitute Mercerized Vests for Crochet Work

Mercerized vests can be worn in sizes you want. For this project you will need crochet and ipe. It's easy to do and very nice. We use cotton yarn and 2.5 mm crochet and tapestry needles. We start by pulling 176 chains on the model. If you want it to be longer you can chain attachments. Now we see the diagram of our model.

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<p> The apartment chain represents the long line, the lantern. We need to make 35 lines for S size, 39 lines for M size, and 41 lines for L -XL. We need to weave 3 pieces of the same size. We then drop the arm blanks and add the three parts together as shown in the video. And we complement the manor in this way. </p>
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<p> Now let's see how the sample of the carpenter is made and how the pieces are added together. </p>
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