Marketing Frauds Used by Big Companies – 180 Seconds

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Everyone needs food, but in general we buy more than we need. We have compiled for you 15 marketing compliments that have caused me to get more than I need.

Celebrities in the ads
Celebrities in the ads cause them to sell more products and trust that brand because it creates the sense that it eats it.

Relaxing music
Have you ever noticed that classical music is played at shopping centers? With the classic music played at the shopping centers, it is ensured that the customers continue to buy the products they want to calm down.

Fake discounts
When a markete goes and picks up a raft product, we look at the price and buy it for the price. However, in most cases, fake discounts have been made.

For example, we can see the article on the bottom of a raft, we usually buy it at a price that we know is cheap, but actually the price of the product is even cheaper than the discounted price.

Healthy foods
Today, the most healthy foods are sold. Markets have a high impact on the products that they sell more normally than GMOs or 100% organic writing as a marketing complex.

Shelves in the foreground
Marketing specialists know that the products that are most concerned are selling. Therefore, certain places of the market are specially determined and the product which is desired to be sold more is carefully placed there.

Fine smell
Studies on odor show that the smell and the brain are in direct communication. This means that customers are able to shop more happily with the beautiful smells that are sprayed on the shopping center. One of the most popular applications is heating microwave and pastry products, especially in the shops. Customers get smoky and hungry customers get much more.

Diet products are addictive
Everyone knows that sugar is addictive. However, there are some hidden contents that are not known to be addictive.
– Monosodium glutamate
– Sweeteners and sugar products
– Corn syrup

– Dietary products include:

Different sizes
It is quite surprising to know that fried potatoes sold for 40 years ahead are much larger today. As the size increases, the price of potato fries increases at the same time, compared to 40 years ago. Also in some products like butter, milk, the price is staying the same while the size is getting smaller.

Foreign language
Studies show that bilingual people tend to prefer that product when they see their mother tongue on a product. As a result, thanks to the bilingual articles placed on the products in the markets, the customers are reminded of their family and friends to get more products

Baked goods service
Marketing specialists cook more cold goods to be cooked on the market and attract more attention from customers.

Low prices
If something is lower than normal for psychological research, we tend to be more inclined to take it. In this case, the market can mark the low-priced products in different shapes and get the customers to get more.

Shelf array
By strategically arranging shelves, customers can purchase more products. When the most popular products are put on the shelves in the middle of the market, the customers get more products when they go to the middle raff.

Pictorial products
The best selling products usually have a very attractive picture on them. Customers who think that they get this beautiful picture while taking the product have a tendency to get more from the product.

Making a product more appealing
Psychologists always express that people are more trustworthy than bigger scripts. In this case, it is possible for the customers to trust the product by writing bigger letters on the products.

Positive sentiments
Modern marketing experts are selling a lifestyle rather than a product. So when customers market products in a way that appeals to a lifestyle, they automatically get that product.


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