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Winter came. With the cooling of the air, men's models which are the abandonment of winter months in knitting models began to be used and ready for use. We share with you the most ambitious models from knit men . Examples of knitted male berets began to color in the last years. It is possible to see men's menstrual patterns which are used as crochets, and many styles and festivals I share the latest and most popular beret models recently, but if you like, you can do it by using the same examples and changing only the numbers, or the boys 'bere shorts ladies' model . The colorful crochet work from male suits is very stylish. If you want to make this beret, which is liked by men who love to wear colorful clothes, you should follow the staggered picture.

How to Make Male Bere Models

Men's Lenght and Beret Models

In the winter months, beret models often used by men are usually made as a team with a yoke. Examples of long tailed male bitches

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