Maile baby cottage construction | I

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In recent times, starting from the beginning of the foliage features are made in the form of children's wear is on the agenda. The name of this baby is also called the baby girl. This robe, made of leaves in the places where it is started and raised from the robot, can be used both for baby girl and for baby boys.

Maile can be done as a baby vest if a baby girl is requested. You can make a great baby vest without doing arm part. We share with you the detailed structure of this animal which is shared with the explanatory structure of bile on the internet. To the benefit of the person doing, health to their owners. You can see the structure of this different animal which can be made for both baby boys and baby boys, by clicking on the pictures of the loop numbers and enlarging them. You can make this baby doll made with a skewer, one of the baby slacks without the sleeve if you want it

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