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NYLON · Cardi B Calls Out Fake “Woke” Men Who Support #MeToo

Cardi B has never been one to hold her tongue. Over the course of her viral career, she’s spoken out against Trump, opened up about her past as a stripper, and voiced why sex workers should be treated with respect. And in her new feature interview for Cosmopolitan, the “Bodak Yellow” singer continued to use...


Facts That Will Surprise You

There is so much we don’t know, and a Reddit thread featuring the most mind-boggling facts just reminded us. Users contributed little-known facts about everything from outer space to crocodiles, and we chose 10 of the most surprising ones. Get ready to get schooled on things you’ll probably never need to know unless you are...


Joanna Gaines’s Sister | POPSUGAR Home Australia

With four adorable kids and a loving (and hilarious) husband, design superstar Joanna Gaines is definitely all about her family. But what you might not realise is that Joanna also has a look-alike sister whom she is always hanging out with . . . and they are certainly never short on the laughs and good...


Grete Sadeiko | Berta

“First name Grete, Last name Griffin. All I ever wanted to be for you is your hero. It turns out that all along, you were mine.” #ItsGriffinTime – Robert Griffin III The wedding that left sparkles in our eyes! NFL Quarterback and star Robert Griffin III married the stunning Grete Sadeiko in a dreamland wedding....

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