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Towel edge models nde, lace skirt models nde, lace tunic, dress models, lace prayer rug models nde and many other places you can use. We prepared a new model of lace samples. It is woven into a long strip. You can leave it as one piece as a towel edge . You can draw in any width you want by adding side by side motifs according to the desired shape of the knot. The lace is quite good in bedcover models . We will give the layout to you in a stylized and illustrated way. If there is a topic you are stuck on, you can ask by specifying the location. New towel edge examples You can just as before. You can also do it as Dilerseniz pike models . If you think how I can make the picture, I will give you an idea before. +100 pike lace samples From there you can get an idea for yourself. We can duplicate the examples in this way.

Beautiful Lace Examples

We have just told you how to make a sample that you will use in many models. Now let's give you the shimayay how to make the model.

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<p> The apartments are represented by a chain, a long line of handrails, and a line of frequent pins. It's easy to make. You start from the beginning and you make a long strip. If you determine the lace length according to the model you want to knit. If you are going to make a towel edge, it will be longer than the size of the towel if you are going to cover the bed. Now the lace samples see the picture of the new model. </p>
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Is not it so beautiful? Whether it is color or single color.

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