Knitted Cardigan Laying to the Skirt –

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We made a nice cardigan made from the knee pattern models . Handknit ladies' cardigan models from. A cardigan that anyone can wear in a standard body size. we made a knitted baby blanket knit we made. We made a share of the description of the texture of the skewer fiber structure . Skirting knitting models from how to make a skirting knitting technique shared. Now we share the structure of a knit cardigan with a slightly easier technique. The card is a cardigan model that has been done with all the details from the beginning to the end. For yourself, you can enjoy the colors you want for your daughter.

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How to Lay a Knitted Cardigan on a Squat

A very stylish, very elegant, scruffy knit cardigan. A very nice cardigan made with color transitions without additional attachment. I think it would be very nice with the transitions in the red tones. Arm and collar cuts are not made in this age. Every body is a suitable example. Behind the long, short cardigan models. You can get very stylish beret models for the evaluation of the remaining yarns .

As the rope daisy rope, cake ropes are being used. You can use Kartopu jersey for this cardigan. Or you can choose a different brand rope of similar type. 4 pcs have come out of these measurements. It is knitted using 6 mm skewers. A cardigan woven from Harasho knitting models . We will start with a knitting loop of 40 stitches and we will take a piece in a flat strip. We have 6 pieces. And with the shape of the stitches, We'll combine 2 pieces for the back. We will add the arc perpendicularly. We will add side by side. It will set the colors in this way. The way you insert is important. The video is described in detail. Very stylish cardigan and knitting is very easy. How to knit cardigans is how they are made with all stages






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