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The Kadin Value Insurance is a new product that will enable women to breathe a little more in difficult times. With this product developed due to the growing number of female cancers and threatening more women, women insured against financial difficulties that could arise in case of being caught in one of the types of cancer of women, and also mentally supported with counseling services.

The Kadina Value Insurance if caught in any of the female cancers (Breast Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Intrauterine Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Tuberculous Cancer, Vagina / Vulva Tumors)

In the case of full / permanent disability (disability), it provides financial support by paying compensation to the family.

For information on Kadina Value Insurance please visit www.kadinadegersigortasi.com to get information and apply.

Additional Services

With the Kadin Value insurance, the person can benefit from the following services defined to him:

  • Psychological Counseling,
  • Dietitian and Healthy Nutrition Counseling,
  • Mamography Reduced Institutions Information Service,
  • 7/24 Newborn Care Information by Phone

If you would like to further clarify this useful service of BNP Paribas Cardif you can reach here:

kadinadegersigortasi.co I

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