How to Write Text on a Glass In!

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Glass jar decorations, painting work has been more popular recently than in the past. Aside from the use of liquid paints, we try to show you what you can do with glass painting pens that offer more practical and fine handling possibilities. Here we go again with edding pencils and a glass painting work. This time, we adorn glass kitchen jars with edding 753 – 755 Gloss Paint Marker Calligraphy named pens. In fact, our work is extremely simple: we decorate tea and coffee jars. Calligraphy at our disposal; we chose to put TEA and COFFE in various forms on our jars and to put a little decoration on a simple pattern.

What if you think you can write good writing; then take the pen directly and write on the glass. It is very easy to use these items with its dry structure. Calligraphy pens have two options, thin and thick; Use whichever font style you like. We love the thick ones a bit more because we like to write thick, self-describing writings. But we used the thin-tipped ones when drawing tea cups. With these pens in black, silver and gold colors, you can see how you get a satisfying color and texture when you touch it on the glass. Because it dries quickly, you can use objeniz immediately.

If you do not trust the writing, try on paper. When it is sidecar, paste it on a piece of glass with tape and pass it over with edding calligraphy pens. Is not it a good idea?

Try these edding pens that make painting and decorating a lot easier. You also see the steps of our work in the photographs. Do you like it? We've already begun to use …

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