How to Make an Elf Trowel with a Crotch

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For those who love knitting with crochet here is a detailed description of elf costume making here! The elf patio is a model that is especially made for the girls and is of interest to the mothers. Apart from that, the ladies also use these knitting patterns for themselves or their immediate surroundings to create perfect designs using colorful and creativity.

Materials for the Elven Patty

If your kids want their feet to be cold, or if your feet are always cold, the 24th is the kind that will meet your needs exactly for the elf. If you want to make this patio for your babies 100 g rope will suffice. Number 3 can be used for rope number 24. The color of the rope is a matter of yours. After the supplies for the elf costume are provided, this patty must be woven with thin hand gauntlet.

Making Elf Tank

The production of the paw is primarily started from the bottom. By pulling 8 chains, it is ensured that starting of base formation with frequent needle technique. In the first place, you should pay attention to using 7 common needle techniques. There must be 8 needles in the second row. At the same time a stitch should be increased at the end of the sequence. Third row nine rows of needles fourth row 10 rows of needles row 5 rows five rows of needles and row six rows 12 rows of needles

No increase is made until the fifteenth row. A loop should be increased at the end of the sixteenth order. In total, the knit 13 came to the fountain with frequent needles. Fourteen needles should be made in the seventeenth order. There is no increase from eighteen to twenty individuals. A frequent needle is eliminated in the twenty-second order. With the completion of the twenty sixth order, 9 loops should remain in the braids. The other applications on the elf façade construction are edge and edge, pavement and rubber part

The rope is connected to the middle of the 11th row and in the form of double lanterns the whole base circumference is equipped with 70 double lanterns. At the beginning of the fourth row, there are 10 double rails, 4 triple rails, a double railing triple railing, a double railing quad railing, 4 double railing double railing triple railing, 4 triple railing rails and finally 10 railing railing rails and

Part 1

part 2

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