How to Make a Raspberry Knitting Model

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The raspberry braid is made with a number 6 skewer and a thick rope. It is a wonderful knitting model that can be used in berets, vests and occasions. It can be woven in different patterns by changing the thickness of the spit and rope.

Another knitting model made with swish work is raspberry knitting model. It can be used for knitwear such as baby vests, ladies' knits. Lately, ladies have started to use raspberry model frequently. That's why we shared the model. We tried to show how to make a raspberry weave pattern with a short video. The raspberry model was taken from the crochet knitting workshop channel.

Raspberry vine vest

Raspberry vine vest we have adapted the baby weave pattern to the baby doll model We have added a knitting pattern that our friend has included in her instagram page to our site, but we can do something different with this weave model. cardigan can be made.

The raspberry knitted patrick and the beret

The pink patrick we shared. The raspberry knitted patrick and the beret "width =" 650 "height =" 867 "wpfc-data- The purpose of our sharing is to show you how to do these with your raspberry knitting model, so if you learn how to make this knitting model you can learn from such beautiful knittings.

Raspberry Knitting Patterned Construction

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