How to Knit Haroşa Knitting? Videotaping Lecture

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How to knit a harosa knit used in many knitting? How is the harosa knitting technique used in a majority of the knitted fabrics?

Most of the knitted fabrics used are harosa knitted fabrics. It was also used in the organizations we shared on our site until now. There are some techniques in their construction. Harosa braid is one of these. It is used in many knitting models, such as vests, vests, baby knits, ladies knits, horse knit patios and sweaters.

We were giving harosa numbers to the organizations we published. But recently we started to get some comments. In these comments, there were those who asked how to make the harosa knit pattern.

We share how it is done in video so as to answer these questions.

Those who are wondering how to make a harosa knitting can learn by video narration. When you watch the video, you will realize how easy it is. You will have learned a technique that you will use in organizations. Remember that the rope must be straight towards you when you are wearing a braid. The right-handed fist should be pointed towards you, and the rope should be routed towards you. After that, you need to pull the rope and take it on top of the skewer.

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One of the most used ones can learn how to make a model by looking at the plain weave technique and we will soon share the expressions of all the braids

How to Knit Harosa?

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