How to Do Brass Knitting without Bending? Narrative Description

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How to braid the brass pattern [11] "width =" 500 "height =" 300 "/> On request from the beloved ladies I did not think to describe it because it was a very well known model of brass knitting, but after overcoming questions, I thought about how to put together the brass knit and the edge without being twisted

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Baby knits are a very old model used for ladies and men's knits and even for tires. If you are using this model as a tire when you are using it as a tire, you can put 2 stitches on the stitch if the stitch is thin and 3 stitches are thick. Harosha will prevent it from curling. The rice is started as an inverted flat, which will come to the construction of the knitting. The reverse loops are turned to the right in each row, while the straight loops are turned in reverse. The knit is a little troublesome because the loop is turned in each row. This model is often used in scarves, berets and men's knits. Look at the narrative to make the town short sneaky sweater .  How to knit a brass knitting pattern (7) "width =" 500 "height =" 300 "/> <img class=

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