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 The history of the plastic bag "Marianne"

The plastic bag "Marianne", which every citizen of Russia has encountered at least once, is perhaps the most convincing proof that any popularity has a doubtful nature.
"In 1992, when I was working in the" Polymerbeat "re-center, at the height of the popularity was the series" The rich are also crying ". It was Marianne, the main character. Her popular image and asked to use my boss in the work on urgent order – to make the bag become as popular. And the prototype was a promotional package of perfume Marina de Bourbon in a package with a black and white strip. Since the layout of the cliche needed to be done within an hour, and so that the remains of the paint could be used to print it, I took the striped background pictures from ClipArta, which then just appeared, and made several variants – with a silhouette, a portrait, a bottle of perfume in a golden oval. The boss approved this, and the bags "Marianne" were put into production. There were bags with a looped handle, with a hole and "T-shirts", which most spread. They were then produced by all, it seems, enterprises, they just called it differently – I saw Marina, Snezhana, Milena … The only popular one was, perhaps, only my bag project "Thank you for shopping" with roses. If I had to put together a hundred and a penny from each issue, now I could not work anymore. But I am happy that for 30 years I have been working as a reprograph artist, which became a separate company. I am engaged in the design of packaging from paper, film, corrugated sheaths and shells. "

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