highly! I really love these frames I remember how: – the wind with care bothered l …

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very much! very fond of these frames ?
I remember how:
– The wind waryly disturbed Alina's curls;
– through the barely yellowed leaves, the sun looked out, due to which the frames came out like this ?;
– the woods were walked by families with their pets and it was not important for everyone what these guys do. all around rejoiced. (we even managed to make a couple of frames with the baby Husky).
at that very moment, it was more important for me to look after the emotions of the guys (oh, God, I even forgot that I need (!) to shoot and not miss anything special and important), because … because this is the most valuable thing in work!
you catch emotional moments, get inspired, get only positive impressions (even if on the street +37), laugh and continue to believe that there are good people – they are everywhere. ❤️ #ph_alexiesea


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