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For girls, ornamental beret construction is one of the most important and precious gifts that your children will present. Girls do not hide their admiration for ornamental motifs. Whether it is a child or an adult, she enjoys a variety of clothing, hats and berets made with different motifs of flowering, insecticides, which are color-coded in ladies. Girls also like to dress colorful and colorful clothes such as bags, berets, dresses. If your hands are a bit prone to knitting, you can make your fancy fancy berries look cool in winter, protecting them from the cold.

Fancy Beret Production

Among the examples of beret models in the style that your daughter can love, we are aiming for the flowering girl beret, and in this line we are telling you ornate beret construction . For this, wool rope with 4 mm crochet will be used. We start by pulling 4 chains. In the first round, 3 chains are pulled and 10 razbans are made next to each other. In the second round, three chains are pulled and a handrail is made next to it.

Then the number of the railing should be raised to 22 by banging twice on each ladder. 3. The tour starts with 3 chains again. It is necessary to increase the number of handrails by an increase by one. The fourth tour starts with 3 chains again. In this round, an increase is made and the number of rabbits is 44. The fifth round starts again with 3 chains and this time three knits are increased and 55 trabzas are reached.

The sixth round is started with 3 chains, four are knitted, and one is increased to 66 of the number of rabbits. The seventh round is started with 3 chains, and the number of the rails is 77. Finally, the eighth tour starts in the same way and 88 trabzons are reached. The next part is knitted without making the ninth increase.

Border Edges

The ornamental beret construction we prepared for our girls finally makes the edges be knitted. 3 edges of the edges should be braided. Then you will see that the sprig is spontaneously bent for 3 more rows. In the decoration part of the hat you can present your child's liking using the accessory you like.

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