Gift Pack Decorating Ideas With Felt Pen at!

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edding 1200 and 1300 felt pens are very special. For once, you immediately realize that you are aware of your doctrine. They have great tips. The variety of colors and tones, the surplus arouses admiration. Moreover, they have such beautiful boxes that people want to keep them at hand. We have decorated these gift packs with these very useful felt pens. We also talked with the video. But we did not just give examples of patterns, how to make a gift package first, how to fold a gift package in the form of a piece of paper, we showed it step by step. So let's first take a piece of paper, make our puddle ourselves, and then of course customize it with edding felt pens. What you can draw on the package, what you can write, we hope to give you an idea on this video.

Come on, prepare some more personal, personal gift packages to make you happy. The idea is from us, from yours, from the lucky ones.

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